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    Dec 30, 2013
    My family got me a chicken coop for Christmas (after lots of research and long discussions about adding backyard chickens to our life). The kids (13 and 9) are SO excited to get chickens, but I am trying to make sure we do our research, first. Our coop says it will house 3-5 chickens comfortably, which makes me think we should start with 2 or 3 at the most.

    We are hoping to have good egg layers. We would like colorful eggs, although calm disposition is probably a higher priority. We live in a township that does allow backyard chickens. We have a small creek (really really small) in the backyard that runs to the Hunting Bay (off Bogue Sound, between Emerald Isle, NC and Bogue, NC). We have 2 dogs who, a newfoundland and a lab, who are friends with our kids guinea pigs.

    What else? Hmm. I guess i just welcome any suggestions. My children want to get chicks, but I kind of think it might be better to get chickens that are a couple months old.

    The climate in our area is mostly warm with high humidity and salt air.

    Thanks. Looking forward to learning more. My children have researched and say they want to get 2 Ameraucana chickens. Any thoughts/experiences are appreciated.

    Bogue, NC (The Crystal Coast)

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    Hi, Monica, welcome to BYC. Great Christmas present! With chickens 3 is better than 2. That way if something happens to one the other still has company. Of course 5 is better than 4, and 7 is better than 6 ----just trying to enable here.

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    Hello :frow Welcome To BYC and Happy Holidays! You could try posting on your state thread to see if can find chickens locally if you are looking for older chicks. The Henderson chicken breed chart compares a lot of common breeds so far as temperament etc goes Like sourland said, three is usually a better number to start with in case you lose a bird, so you don't wind up with a single... and take chicken math into account, bet you will want more eventually.
    Ameraucana/Easter Eggers are nice birds, I actually like Easter Eggers a little better, they tend to be better egg layers and don't seem to be as broody, the true Ameraucana usually do lay an egg that is a bluer color though. Easter Eggers are a mix you might want to consider, they also usually lay green/blue eggs, they are really popular and most hatcheries carry them if you wind up getting chicks. (Some hatcheries/people sell EEs as Ameraucana, but Ameraucana and Araucanas are actually breeds with a written show standard etc.)
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  5. [​IMG] great to have you onboard [​IMG]


    We are alright


    We hardly ever bight hard


    They eat all our feed and always follow our pet humans around


    Are you sure they are so tame who want's that


    Lock um up as I am always on the prowl

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