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Jul 8, 2020
I'm so happy to have found this forum - reminds me of when I had newborns (human, that is) and scoured the internet for all my crazy questions! This place seems to have all the answers for my feathered newborns (2 weeks old yesterday). My family and I are new to chickens. We've spent a while designing and building a coop while in quarantine, and we finally got our chicks at the end of June - two Buff Orpingtons, two Plymouth Blue Rocks (though one looks more like a Barred Rock, so we'll see), and two Black Stars. We are all learning so much about these little chicks every day, but I think our favorite thing so far is seeing their personalities come out. The Buffs are really living up to their reputation as "the Golden Retriever of Chickens" - one of them already comes running when we call or clap, and the other loves to dig, dig, dig! We're excited to have such a fulfilling project to keep us happily busy in these strange times (and eggs will be an added bonus in a few months)! I look forward to learning alongside y'all!

(Attached is a picture of 3 of the 6 on a front porch outing - on the left is Honey (a Buff, our sweetest), in the middle is Sparky (our petite girl - I worry about her the most), and on the right is Nugget (Black Star who never stops eating). What do y'all think - don't Sparky's face markings look like a Barred Rock? She was sold as a Plymouth Blue.)


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