Greetings from Eastern Canada

Longs Creek Chickens

9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
Upper Kingsclear, NB
We are from the great country of Canada. We are located in Upper Kingsclear, NB.

Well we received our chicks yesterday. 20 Meat Kings and 3 Layers. So we are having fun. Our neighbor's 13 year old daughter Jessie was down last night to see the chicks. She really enjoyed them. I did remind her that don't get too 6 to 8 weeks, the one she was holding was going to be on the BBQ. Boy did I get a dirty look. She said not this one, it was hers! We have named the layers Lois, Lindsay and Pearl.

I have been lurking the forums for the past few weeks reading and learning. Looks like a great place with nice people. Everyone seems to love their layers. That's a longer term relationship. A few are a little squeamish about harvesting meat birds but it's not for everyone.

There appears to great information here and great answers to everyone's questions, even the dumb ones. LOL

So the pet inventory is as follows, 6 cats, 3 dogs, a dove, a cockatiel, 3 layers, 20 meat birds (just visiting), 2 boys, and a lovely wife.


11 Years
Apr 6, 2008
N.E. Pa.
You will love your hens and there is very good info. on here. I don't do meaties but have a lot of layers, I love them they are so fun to watch. Enjoy those hens.

D'Angelo N Va.

10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
Hello from Virginia. yes, there are lots of Canadians on the forum. go to the "where are you, where am I" thread and look for Canada.

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