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I have fond memories of hatching eggs in my kindergarten class (many many years ago). Now my daughter's class is interested in doing the same. I see that I can get fertile eggs online but am not sure if I want to commit to raising them. My town permits backyard chicks but it is extremely expensive to get a permit and an inspection. I believe it would come out to about $400 and that is before building a coop.

A local farm used to offer a Hatching program but they are doing major renovations to their coops etc and cannot take chicks next spring.

Any suggestions from this knowledgeable group about how I could re-home or donate a flock of chicks in my area? The school is in Medford and I live in East Arlington. I suppose if someone can convince me that it is minimal work to raise them, I might consider it but the price tag to get the right permits seems pretty high.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice


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It's a lovely idea you have! If you have 20 posts you can place an ad here. Always people looking for chicks. Pity about the permit though. $400 is a lot of money!


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Here in Mass we have a club of Aviculturalists which meets once a month- and you could contact one of the members to bring your chicks to the tailgate sale conducted before each meeting. (Meetings are in Westford Ma)
Google Northeast Avicultural Society and go to the home page to find meeting site and members who advertise birds for sale - Tom Doherty or Tony DiPaolo of DiPaolo Pheasant Farm (Tony lives in Beverly MA. ) could assure that your birds get a new home with a member- There is an auction held after the business meeting, and birds are exchanged monthly at both the tailgate sale and the auction.
There are new regulations (insurance related) requiring sellers and buyers to be members.
When I got injured and could not take care of my ducks I brought them to the Boston Poultry show and Tom Doherty took them home with him and passed them on to new owners.
Definitely follow through with acquiring hatching eggs, as this is a great project for a kindergarten class.
Craigslist has poultry breeders in the Boston area who will make fertile eggs available to school classes at special prices- their ads specify this.
If you can get sex link chicks you would know upon hatching which birds will be pullets and which will be cockerels- this will assist in rehoming as many Massachusetts towns allow chickens but not roosters.
Just hatch enough eggs so you get at least six hatchlings- Mass has a six bird minimum for selling newly hatched chicks .
Good luck with your project.
Luvmychixandducks in Danvers.

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