Greetings from Milton Florida


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Hello all........ I am an official member as of today, but have been lurking around in the background for quite some time now. I have learned so much from this web site without ever asking a question. I spent many summers on my grandfathers farm in Evergreen Alabama as a kid growing up. He had a little bit of everything as far as live stock was concerned. But out of the pigs, cows, goats,and horses, the chickens were always my favorites. Fast forward to 2012. Grandfather and the farm have been gone now for about 12 years. Oh how I miis those days as a youngster spending my summers on the farm. It has always been my goal as an adult to one day have a place of my own where I could have my own flock of chickens. As of Saturday September 1st 2012 I have finaly made my goal of having my own chickes come true. In fact my blue laced red whyndot (sp) rooster is out in the back yard crowing at this very moment as I type this. Aint life garnd. Along with the rooster I also have two buff orfingtons,(sp) two dominickers
(sp) and one rhode island red. Yes a small flock but all I need to provide enough enjoyment and eggs for my wife and myself. I look forward to coresponding with you all in the future.

from Washington State!
Greetings from Kansas, flounder1, and
! Great to have you aboard! I am happy you were able to get back to the farm lifestyle - it's the only way to go in my opinion! I wish you and your birds all the best!!

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