Greetings from northeast Washington state


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
Colville, NE Washington State
Greetings to all from northeast Washington state. I recently moved onto a place with an existing chicken coop so I decided to start a small flock for mostly eggs and a few fryers. It’s been about 35 years since I raised a few mutt chickens as a teenager and this time I’m enjoying it from a different perspective. Right now I have 39 Delawares (strait run from Welps but shipped from New Mexico) that have been alive for 36 days. Fast growing little buggers! I plan to put most of the cockerels in the freezer and end up with about 12 to 15 laying hens. I mostly just lurk in forums in an attempt to learn about the things that interest me. I do enjoy messing around with my digital camera so I suspect most of my posts will be either on “show and tell” type threads or seeking advice. Thanks for your efforts and I’ll see you around the forums.

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