Greetings from Northern California


Oct 16, 2018
Hi my name is Heather and happy to find this nifty forum, thank you for creating it:)

We live in a small farming town in Northern California and are sprucing up a little outbuilding to be a new coop for spring 2019. We will be new chicken owners. Currently we have a few teenagers (we’re in our 40’s) and a handsome smart Golden Retriever ..... yeah.. so I’m really excited about the plans for our chickens yet a little nervous about how to handle the situation of training our young dog on how to behave around them. Of course we’ll have eveything enclosed and they’ll have a large run that nothing should get into, BUT I know there will be some encounters because it’s just inevitable- plus I plan to let them out occasionally to roam the property. Anyway hopefully I’ll get some feedback on that at some point but glad to be here!


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