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Aug 5, 2009
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Hello to all my fellow chicken lovers out there:) I am a newbie to having chickens of my own, but fortunately my husband isn't! We acquired 4 young hens and a rooster two years ago. We have 3 Sexlinks and a Cuckoo Marans (she is my favorite and I love the dark brown eggs--she's laid double-yolkers a time or two). Rudy the Rooster looks to be a Buff Orpington cross; he is a wonderfully laid-back kind of guy, and I'm glad because he's sporting some nasty-looking spurs!

The first year the hens were laying, we were getting 5 eggs daily but last year the production went down to three eggs at most daily. The hens molted for the first time this fall/winter. They have a very nice yard and coop, but we let them roam about the property in nice weather--we have a gravelled driveway they're rather fond of, and they also make a beeline for the castoffs from the bird feeder out front!

My grandfather had a dozen or so Rhode Island Reds on his farm, and I am looking into getting a couple of young hens as I know they are reliable egg-layers.

I'll be posting some images on my profile sometime soon.
from Tennessee!

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