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Mar 8, 2011
Hi everyone. I am brand new to chickens and cant be more excited! We just bought 14 chicks and 2 ducklings from TSC last night. Not sure what all i got here but ill give it a shot, we have 8 partridge rock, 2 that are light yellow and reddish colored, 4 little bitties (assorted bantams) and 2 mallard ducklings. i cant wait to explore the site more and learn all i need cause im sure its in here somehwere! I am married with two children Carrie is 4 and Matthew is 2, we also have a kitten who is 5 months old. Just moved to the country this past fall it was our dream. Im so excited to feel like ive joined the ranks with my little chickie babies!
Hi there! Welcome to BYC. This is SUCH a great place to "meet" new friends, and there are many, many kind generous people who are willing to share their successes (and failures!) so we can all learn from them. You're going to love it here! Your group sounds very nice -- I wish you much success with your ventures! Hope to see you around the forum!
Welcome to BYC!! This is such a great place to learn! I am a newbie from Ohio as well. We are getting our chicks in late April and early May (meat birds and layers). Glad you are here and can't wait to hear more about your adventures with chickens!
neighbor! I am just west of Greenville. Did you get them from Greenville's TSC? I never knew them to get the bantams in! Now I need to get over there soon! When you have 10 posts you can give us a picture of your new babies!
Welcome to BYC and congrats on your new chickies and your move to the country!

You'll enjoy your time here at BYC.

There's a ton of very valuable info here!!


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