Greetings from Pittsfield MA


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May 20, 2011
Louisville, the River City, Kentucky
Been ghosting this site for many months now. Have a page now that I just finished my coop & run and although I have done a few post on other forums thought I should intro myself. Live in Pittsfield Ma with my wife of 42 years, she is very tolerant of the old man. Had Prostate cancer earlier this year and had the prostate removed which left me with some other problem including some nerve damage in my arm which is very slowly getting better. Been feeling pretty D--n useless and restricted. My son in law started keeping some chickens last year and I thought it would be good therapy. The building of the coop has help my hand a little and having a purpose and something to get excited about has helped with my borderline depression by returning my sense of worth. Tomorrow I will go to a cuz in NH to pick up 5 chickens about 20 wks old. the excitement and fun begins. I just wish the rain would stop. Our ground is saturated and any rain floods my run It does drain about 10 minutes after the rain stops but is still wet. We are looking at another 2 - 3 days of showers so depending on how "showery" it is I guess they will just have to get to know their new coop real well.


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Jun 17, 2011
North Yorkshire, England
Welcome to BYC. Some people put lots of sand in the run when they have a drainage problem. It gradually sinks into the ground, then they keep adding more until it stops sinking in. I put lots of playground quality wood chips in mine - but you need to be sure its hardwood and not treated.

Enjoy your chickens and hope they help you make a full recovery.


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Apr 27, 2011
Hi and welcome to you. To rngrbill This is also my first time posting on this site. I too am having health issues, I suffer from a serious crhonic disease for over 25 years now and my youngest son was recently diagnosed with it as well.
I completely understand your feelings of depression and in my case often feel worthless and a burden at times. I must say, we desided to get chickens back in April and me and my two boys helped my husband build the coop. I never dreamed that I would love them as much as I do. They entertain me and give me something to focus on. It has done wonders for my family. Even more exciting is they began laying eggs a few weeks ago. I forgot to mention that I am from northwest CT. Hope you enjoy your chickens as much as we have. I hope you feel much better soon


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May 11, 2010
So, you are a ghost lurker?

Somebody told me a long time ago: "Getting old ain't easy".

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