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Mar 19, 2009
Southern California
Just wanted to take a minute and say hello. Im new here and also new to raising a few hens. The boss finally gave in yesterday and is going to let myself and my two young daughters get a few hens. It took six months but we finally wore her down.

I want to build a A frame coop and I seen lots of photos but would really appreciate if anyone can point my daughters and I to a site that offers free detailed directions for a a frame. For those of you that read mother earth news mag, I like the one in the february/march issue. I would also like to be able to tilt it up say 45 degrees or so so I can clean it out. I have decided to have a earth floor with 8 icnhes or so of organic bedding and want to be able to tilt it over, rake up the old hay and poop and dispose of it very easily.

We will be getting hens that are about 12 weeks old. I read that at about 24 weeks they start laying. Do they just start laying on thier own or do we need to introduce a rooster. We will be eating the eggs so fertilization of the eggs is not needed. Sorry if this is very basic but I'm a city boy trying to bring a little country life into the lives of my 7 & 5 year old daughters.

Thank you for any replies



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Feb 27, 2008
Russia, NY

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