Greetings ! I'm new! And super stoked and excited!


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I am new and thrilled to get some info from experienced chicken fans. I live in an area that does NOT allow chickens and want to change that. I just got my pen sealed up yesterday and introduced my flock to each other in separate dog crates. This is my first chicken adventure with my daughter and we love our birds. Most of them loved to be held and cuddled(who woulda thought that????) We have privacy fencing on three sides of their pen with deer netting over top to keep them in and all other critters out. All my neighbors were okay with me having chickens with the only stipulation of NO ROOSTERS!!! So....I was at my first chicken swap on Saturday to find homes for my three Jersey Giant roosters that were supposed to be hens...oh well. I cried when they found homes. What can I say....I am a softy. We have chickens for the love of their company and entertainment value, for eggs(in the fall I hope), for fertilizer for our gardens and for their relaxing/meditative/zen energy. I find myself just going into meditative state whenever I get around my ladies. They don't all have names...YET. I have 9 americana's, 6 moyers large, 1 silkie, 1 jersey giant, 1 buff orpington, 1 naked neck, and 3 that we have no idea what they are and they are all different. I hope to gain insight into caring for my girls and I hope to entertain with my stories. I also would love to get help in getting them legal to have in my area. Thanks for reading and spending some time! Tracy:cool:

I am new here too, Im form IL
from California!

I, too, did not get chickens primarily for eggs; eggs are a wonderful bonus. I wanted the fertilizer and the bug-reduction chickens provide. Eggs, yah, that's nice. (So nice I am now selling eggs!)

I have proof chickens are calming - my BP medication has been reduced since I started keeping chickens!

My favorite time of day is ANY time I can spend out in the yard with the flock, interacting with the individual members. They are amazingly personable and I never expected that, either.

Enjoy your chickens, hope you get to be legal before too long, and post pictures when you can. We never get tired of looking at pictures!
Welcome to BYC! I'm so glad you are keeping a flock, even if its not technically legal...I think Well managed chickens and coops should be legal wherever dogs are legal! You did a good thing asking your neighbors and in turn should reward them with some fresh eggs; since you have such a large flock-I'm sure you'll have extra.
This is a wonderful place to find information, ask questions and shop for ideas to improve the lives of your pets, I mean Chickens.

So happy to have you here!

I definately second the picture comment from GRYEYES; we never tire of pictures!

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