Greetings Where can i purchase Laced Silver Wyandotte also Laced Golden Wyandotte pullets in Pennsyl

I bought 2 SilverLaced Wyndottes pullets from Murry McMurry Hatcheries in Iowa....ordered back in January
Have ordered several times from them...never disappointed
Downside is the shipping cost. Philly girl here relocated to Maryland
My feed store in Dubois has sexed Wyandotte chicks. You might try calling your local Rural King and your TSC (or other local feed store) to check. Rural King does not have a minimum chick requirement, but TSC requires that you buy at least six chicks, or two ducks if you're buying ducks.

Or you could order online from a hatchery. Most hatcheries have order minimums. TSC will actually order you ten chicks online from Hoover's Hatchery for a flat fee of $30. That's cheaper than you could do, and a smaller minimum order than you could do, so it's nice.

Ideal wants you to spend at least $25 without shipping, so it tends to be preferable even though it's in Texas. (No chick minimum) However, it tends to send you extra "packing peanuts" which are male chicks to keep the ones you actually ordered warm. It's a little inconvenient.

Valley Farms is based in Alabama. It has gold and silver and a fifteen order min. I've heard good things because it's cheap. Myers is in PA and has silver only, and I know nothing about it. Mount Healthy, in Ohio, has silver and gold. Again, I'm not experienced.

Murray Mcmurray has shipped me live chicks without hassle. I believe it's a 15 chick minimum, though?

Cackle Hatchery is supposed to have some of the best stock, and they raise a lot of varieties.

Good luck. Laced Wyandottes are beautiful!
I would check your rural kings for those breeds, if not try Myers poultry its a local pa, small hatchery. I have had too many health issues to recommend Meyers Hatchery in Polk OH which would prob be the next closest, also one last outlet would be the pa unite thread, they have a chicken train that goes that way a couple times a year!

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