Greetings ya'll


8 Years
Aug 30, 2011
Hi, I just joined this forum and have purchased my very first eggs to hatch. I am so excited. We have always had chickens but have never incubated our own before. Also, we have been limited by whatever Mcmurray had to offer in the way of chicks....After taking a look at this website I realized how very limited we were.
Okay, so.... I am a 30something christian, wife, mommy (boy 7, girl 9), foster mommy (boy 6, girl 10, boy 12), ragdoll mommy (thats a cat, just in case you did not know...but of course you did right? There is no other cat like a ragdoll! This said by a former cat hater
), one yard cat for the mice that get the feed, a large flock of bantams and owner of an empty pen that a nasty weasel emptied of my buff orpington flock. I am a counselor, teacher (Social Science grades 6-12), grad student, gardener, canner, reader, knitter, nursery committee some other stuff I can not think of right now. Glad to be a member of such a fun group!


8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
Twin Oaks, California
My Coop
You sound like a Prov. 31 woman! You will love learning on BYC! Yes, I know Ragdolls. I did some artwork for the woman that originally bred them back in the 70's and I had some of her cats.

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