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Jun 8, 2020

First time poster to this forum, which I've perused many times over the past couple of years.

By way of introduction, I first got chickens in 2017. Our initial flock was 6 Rhode Island Red chicks, which I bought at the local feed store. While the girls were growing, my son and I built this coop My neighbors on either side, got tired of losing hens to local predators (it's a rough part of the world), so we inherited another 7 chickens (more reds, an ameraucana, two black hens of unknown breed, and a buff orpington). Attrition took its toll and that original flock is now down to five hens. So, to reinforce the girls, in April, I got five cuckoo maran female chicks and one salmon favorolle rooster chick. Then, a month later, I bought five white plymouth rock female chicks.

My favorite thing so far about having chickens is getting to spend time with my teenage son who loves animals. We also love having fresh eggs. And, I get a lot of satisfaction from tinkering with the run and coop. The original coop we built is good-sized, but it only had roost space and nesting boxes for 12. So, I've added two more roosts and two more nesting boxes. They'll be cozy at night, but it will sleep up to 18 now.

By way of other hobbies, I am really into family history; I've been working on our family tree for 20+ years, and I've made a couple of trips to the UK tracking down ancestral homes and graves. During that process, I've gotten quite addicted to Liverpool football, and I follow the Reds avidly. Other hobbies include photography (which I teach, along with Graphic Design, at our local high school), travel, Zen meditation (not really a hobby; it's boring as hell), and playing the video game No Man's Sky on PC.

I don't remember how I originally found BYC, but I'm sure it involved Googling something to fill in the gaps of my ignorance. It's a great resource.

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