Grey Birchen Japanese Bantam Rooster 8 Weeks Old

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    This little guy is 10 weeks old (the one with the arrow) his brother is nearly 14 weeks so you see he has some growing to do still. This picture is 2 weeks old. His brother is crowing, he is not. He's got some gorgeous markings as well, but still only pet quality. I have no need for 2 roos, and 2 pullets... I already have more chicks coming so their needs to be room for them when they move into the coop.

    I do not ship full size birds, I don't think at this age it would be good for him. So Pick-up only! Thanks

    Also, I may be willing to trade for something I need. [​IMG] Like DE, or Food ect.

    Post any questions here or by PM.

    [​IMG]He's gotten a bigger tail, I really need to scoop him up and take better photos. He and his brother are getting more and more friendly now I've been handling them daily. The pullets, not so much! [​IMG] You know how the ladies can be.
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