Grey Pied/Blue Fawn Pied Call Ducks Charlie Holdums Bloodlines


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
I only have this one picture for now, but will work on getting more today.

I have two pairs of calls looking for someone who has the time and energy to work with them. The first pair is a Gray Pied Drake over a Grey Pied Duck.

The Second Pair is a Grey Pied drake over a Blue Fawn pied duck.

Both pairs are beautiful, and would make a good project for a young person getting into showing or for someone who just loves having these little ducks around.

I will not ship them right now, but am willing to meet within reason to deliver them.

The price is per pair.

Thank you.


eta: this is a grey pied female. The drake is to the right in the back. I no longer have the pastels that are in the picture.
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I was worried about shipping in this weather right now, because it's been pretty warm and we have high humidity.

I can check into it for you though, and let you know?

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