Grey Squirrels Driving Me Crazy!

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12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
When we moved here a year ago, i started putting out peanuts for the cute little brown squirrels. We've had them every place we have lived, and they can become quite tame. Then, the large grey squirrels moved in and took over. i still put out peanuts and seed, on the side of the yard away from my pens. But it gets wiped out quickly and then the grey squirrels start to invade the pens.

i used to keep my shed door open during the day, as i was in and out frequently getting feed or tools. But now have to close it as the grey squirrels go in and help themselves to the peanuts and pee and poo all over. They even snagged a small rubbermaid juice container the other day that i keep outside full of scratch. They dragged it under the shed, chewed the top off, and were feasting on the contents.

This morning i went out to feed my baby goat. Out of the corner of my eye i could see one of my little lavender silkies in a temporary pen i just put him in yesterday - but it looked like there was another grey colored silkie in there, too. Looked closer and it was one of those #@%! grey squirrels inside the pen. Now, that is just a temporary pen with deer netting on top, so he probably squeezed through. But then i saw another grey squirrel in my adolescent silkie pen, which is chain link covered completely in 1/2" hardware cloth. How that one got in, i don't know. But i am getting sick and tired of them taking over everything. They haven't hurt my chickens yet, but it's only a matter of time.

How can i get rid of these obnoxious, pushy pests?
Well, just got back from the doctor to find that "someone" had been up on our porch and on top of our bbq and ate the eggs i had collected but hadn't brought in yet. i think this is war.

But here was my thinking . . . i thought, if i put out seed and peanuts on the other side of the yard, the critters would be happy eating that and leave my pens alone - sort of like a peace offering or bribe. But no matter how much food i put out, it's all gets scarfed down and those greys still come over and try to get into the shed, or i see them in the pens. i think my tactic has attracted every grey squirrel within a 20 mile radius, plus every magpie and blue jay.

And i did see raccoons and possums last year, ChickenDogDuck, over on the side of the yard where i put the peanuts. So that seemed to confirm my thought process that it actually protected my pens and coops. i don't know. Not sure i have it in me to shoot anything, although we do have a pellet gun.

So what does squirrel taste like, danielbrown?
Squirrels are like the mob. No matter how much you offer them as protection money, they just want more.

Here in Colorado the red squirrels are the problem. They beat up and chase off the nicer little black squirrels. They are evil tree rats.
I've got a squirrel problem too, started when I bought some black oil sunflower seeds for the chickens. They can even open the lids on the trash cans I keep the feed in....they are fond of corn too.

We just decided it was one of those when life gives you lemons, make lemonade we are going to shoot them and eat them up! I have never had squirrel, but my dad and grandmother often spoke fondly of squirrel stew, and fried squirrel. Real depression era food, the way things are going now.....they may become extinct.

When we lived in Southern California, we only had the cute little brown squirrels. They were very tame and would come right up to me and reach their little paws out for a peanut. Now in Northern California, we have these obnoxious greys. My pest company guy said they are not native and are driving the brown ones out. They aren't friendly at all and are very determined when it comes to food. i was frankly worried seeing one in next to my little four-month-old silkie roo, as it was at least twice his size. i put the little guy in that pen with three broodies as he was getting beaten up in with his own age group. Then now here is this massive squirrel pushing him around.

Maybe i do have it in me to shoot it with a pellet gun. i might need some practice first.

And, yes, they are like the Mob! No matter how many peanuts i put out, they just keep demanding more. Guess i need to go Tony Soprano on them.
We live trapped our problem squirrel yesterday. What a monster!!! Squirrell-zilla. My husband released it about 15 miles away up a logging road far from anyones house.

We'll set the trap again tonight to see if there's a nother one of them out there.

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