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    Apr 3, 2017
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    Ok, I've been reading and reading and reading about grit and I get that the chickens need the grit do help grind down their food. I have 14 ISA Brown pullets that are around 5-6 weeks or so. Right now they're eating DuMors Chick Starter 24% which I am led to believe is not the correct feed to be giving them. I guess with everything I've read, I'm confused if I need to add grit TO their feed or if is already mixed in with their feed.

    I guess what I'm asking at this point, at their age, what is the best feed to give them? They will be laying in about 10-12 weeks and I want to give them the best nutrients they need to lay. So what feed and will I need to add grit? If so, what type?

    Thanks in advance

    (and yes, I've read all the threads on grit on here and yes, I'm still its not hard to do with me, but I'm slowly learning LOL)

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    They don't need grit unless they're getting scraps or are eating bugs etc. if they are then it can just sprinkle some grit in their run. Grit doesn't come mixed into their feed

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