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Sep 9, 2009
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I just want to get this clear cuz hubby said he keeps hearing about feeding chicks GRITS and I want to make sure we get it right.

Are the GRITS that everyone talking about can be the type of grits we SOUTHERNERS eat for breakfast or a different kind?

Hubby is about ready to feed them the breakfast grits but I told him to let me ask first!
Grit is little bits of rock which chickens eat to help with digestion. I doubt you southerners eat sand! So yes, it is different!
He could mean GRIT, like pebbles, etc. They use that to grind their food.

Now, that being said, my DH feeds the birds his leftover grits from breakfast, LOL. If you give them grits, they'll need grit to grind it up.
They would probably like the grits you southerners eat.
But I think it refers to another kind of grit. Chickens don't have teeth to chew up their food the way we people do. So they will grind up food in their crop. Chickens store small pebbles and rocks in their crop to do the grinding. They get these stones by eating them. So if you are feeding your chicks people food as treats you need to make sure they get the rock grit. You can buy chick grit at the feed store. Give them a small dish of it and they will eat what they need. Chickens that have access to a yard with abundant rocks, stones, pebbles, and sand on the ground will find enough grit without buying it. Eating treats without grit in their crops could be bad, causing impacted crop.
Hope this answers your question.

Just making sure cuz we only had a small amount of chick starter (sample pack) from the local feed store that Hubby just grabbed and they are out of that. And Hubby is about ready to give them a bowl full of BREAKFAST GRITS to replace their starter feed until we go back to the feed store tomorrow.
I wouldn't think twice about feeding chickens hominy grits. I never have because I keep eating it all.
Grits, butter an a load of brown sugar!!

Grit on the other hand I don't like.....That has not kept me from eating more than my fair share of it over the years.
Oh, my husband loves grits. We never run out of it and never get tired of it. Hubby loves fresh hot grits on a saturday morning topped with over-medium eggs, bacon, and gravy buscuits. If any morning I can make all that, he would be the best husband for the day. Wish I had the time, patient, and energy to make breakfast like that every morning!

The chicks are almost a week old. Is it okay to give them hard boiled eggs now or best to wait a lil while longer? Im just trying to figure out the rights and wrongs of feeding a chick. I know, from what I have been reading, an adult chicken can eat pretty much ANYTHING! Are they half goats? or something?
depends on what type of grits you are talking about? Chicken grits, like someone jsut explained to me is a sand.
Breakfast grits is kinda like Cream of Wheat but thicker and can really go with any food. It's not really a breakfast food, but an ANY MEAL food. Mix it up with runny yolked eggs, add cheese to it (my husband DIES FOR THAT!), put a juicy med-rare steak over the top... OOHHH LALA!!!!!!!!!!!
There not goats lol. There are a lot that they dont need. There is a list on here somewhere. Hominy I'm pretty sure is harmless an they will destroy an egg a a day or 2 old. Ya do need to get them on a good regular diet if ya can.

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