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    Feb 6, 2016
    Hi all. I just ordered a couple of packs of Gro-gel for new hatchlings. I got the 7 gram pouches which are said to be good for 100 chicks. Well I only have ever hatched under a dozen eggs at a time. So if each gram is good for about 14 chicks, what do i do if I hatch only a couple? Do I start with a half of a gram? I have gram size measuring spoons already for some bird vitamins I got in a raffle that I never use. Do I mix more and then keep it in fridge til I have more chicks? Will it keep?
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    Grow gel keeps well -- but I would just keep it dry and un-mixed.

    You can use your measure and mix up less than for 100-chicks. -- Save the powder in dry place for future chicks. (I think I used to waste a lot of grow gel)---

    The Tropix on here is a grow-gel expert -- I will ask her to weigh in.

    Usually the chicks don't need feed or water instantly upon being placed in the brooder -- (for home hatched - I think that shipped day-olds are a different story.) I also think that a little goes a long way...

    Grow gel is in the top of a cottage cheese container -- and I frequently add water to it--- then eventually sprinkle their first feed into the grow-gel lid. I mix it rather runny and still add water over their first day or so in the brooder.... and then introduce feed later.

    I have had chicks shipped to me and the grow gel was ultra thick like jello.
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    Javim, you've seen this, but it was suggested I put it on here in case someone else could use the info.
    HI CKat!

    Hi Javim,
    Kathy told me you had some questions about using Grogel. I've been using it for a couple of years, and am one of its biggest fans. : ) After about 6 hours, a lot of the nutrient content is lost, but it does still have hydration qualities. After 8 - 10 hrs, I'd go ahead and throw it out (you can also dig what you're throwing out a couple of inches down into the soil around a plant... it'll also help the soil retain a little hydration without being wet.. like a teeny dose of water crystals.)
    I make mine wetter vs stiff, too... like a little puddle. : ) In my mind, if it's too stiff then the crystals will still be seeking water to absorb, and may give the chicks good doses of the nutrients (if they'll eat it), but they may actually lose hydration in the meantime because the crystals aren't 'full'.

    For 3 or 5 chicks, try about 1 Tablespoon of water in whatever you're feeding the Grogel in. Then lightly sprinkle some Grogel to lightly coat the water with it. Let it sit for about 5 minutes... then stir it. If you think it needs a little more water, only add a few drops at a time till it's how you want it. Grogel is formulated to deliver effective doses, even if you use up to twice the water 'as directed'. : )

    Like you'd mentioned, sometimes I drop a little chick starter on it to get them to go after it. Looks gruesome after a few minutes, doesn't it? LOL gak!
    I sell Grogel online, and although I send info on mixing it.. a lot of folks still don't add enough water. In shipping, I've found that adding some baby food green beans, or spinach (or something similar) to the wetter grogel to try to keep it from being too 'sloshy' in the box... which makes USPS angry. lol

    My chicks usually have their first drink of Grogel water before they're fully dry. : ) Grogel is considered to be a once or twice given product. I give mine Grogel longer. They get some every day for 4 days then some every 3 days or so for a couple of weeks.
    If I haven't addressed your questions in a way that's helpful, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to help.
    Best of luck!! Sherry
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    Feb 6, 2016
    Thanks again for the info. It is such a small world, because I had ordered my grogel from Sherry. Cannot wait to get it
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    May 2, 2016
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    Tropix please email me. [email protected]
    Looking for Isbar chicks/chickens, chicKat told me to get a hold of you
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    Your first post!! [​IMG]

    I don't think she checks here very often -- but I'll let her know -- OH -- you might want to look in the Buy-sell-trade -- and maybe take a look at the Isbar threads. KYTinPusher and Cree57i as well as TheTropix may have some Isbar chicks or eggs.

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