Grogel Plus B 100 chick size (50 chick size available) FREE SHIPPING

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    GROGEL PLUS B for BYC Christmas Hatch participants & Hatchers in general !!!

    *********2 SIZES AVAILABLE *************************
    Grogel Plus B is a powder that you mix with water that makes a green gel-like product that is a valuable source of nutrients, hydration and a healthy digestive tract to get your chicks off to a good start whether hatched or shipped. It's also excellent to use when shipping chicks or older chickens to make sure they have great nutrition and plenty of hydration.

    I'm offering Grogel in 2 sizes... 7 gram - $5.00
    and 10.5 grams - $7.00

    Free shipping is First Class Package with a tracking number. I ship quickly.
    Grogel is one of the best things you can do for your new chicks, and also shipped chicks & chickens. Poultry, Pheasant & Quail chicks will all benefit from it.
    I accept PayPal (fastest) & US Postal Money Orders (shipped when M.O. received).
    PayPal payments should be made to [email protected].
    I only ship to U.S. addresses, and to the address you send via PayPal.
    Thanks & Happy Hatching!! [​IMG]
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