Grogel PlusB Gets Your Chicks Off To A Better Start. FREE SHIPPING

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    Grogel is one of the best hydrating supplements you can give your chicks. It provides vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, healthy fats, probiotics, not to mention good hydration... specifically designed to give newly hatched chicks all the nutritional support to get them off to a great start. It also helps counter the stresses of shipping, while providing proper hydration and nutrients along with other 'snacks'.
    The 2 sizes I sell are 7 grams (generally considered 100 chick dose) and 10.5 grams. I add extra Grogel to every pack. If you use a lot of Grogel, I also offer 3 packs at a discount.

    !!!!! IMPORTANT !!!! The Post Office doesn't offer tracking with this type of mail. HOWEVER, they do offer it through Ebay, and you can also purchase it from me there... at the same price.. but WITH tracking. You can go to Ebay and search for Grogel (my Ebay user ID is ChickNegg) or you can copy/paste this Ebay link, then check my other listings for the size/quantity you want.

    SINGLE PACKS 7 gram pk -- $5.50
    10.5 gram pk - $7.50

    3 PACKS 7 gram -- $13.50
    10.5 gram -- $19.50

    If you are interested in purchasing, contact me and let me know what quantity you'd like, and how you'd like to pay... PayPal or USPS Money Order only. I will provide the information you need to place your order. I hate it, but checks will NOT be accepted any more. : (
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