ground lemon/orange rind?


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Feb 29, 2008
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I heard that grinding citrus rinds with a food processor and then sprinkling that with the pine shavings helps to neutrolize the odor. I read on this site that they shouldn't be fed citrus, but is this way acceptable?
I'd never heard of this before...

I just add food grade DE to the coop occasionally to help dry out the smell at all which always surprises visitors. "Oh, you have chickens...sniff, sniff,, I can't smell them".

Look at the food grade DE link that's in my signature ^, I'm putting together a section right now that has links where you can buy it. We get ours locally through Custom Milling as the co-op, feed stores and TSC have never heard of food grade DE before.

Some feed stores carry Sweet PDZ or Stall Dry that also help eliminate odors.


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