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Oct 27, 2007
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Is this the right place for this?

Remember you can use ground venison for anything you would use ground beef for:

Hamburger Helper
Pasta Sauce
Stuffed Bell peppers
Dirty Rice
Shepherd's Pie

Aside from this, my uncle used to have this killer recipe for deer jerky, made with ground venison that was baked on low heat in the oven.

Anyone got that recipe?

I made some deer jerky a few months ago. I didn't follow a recipe. I just soaked it in what I had in the house (worcestershire sauce and red wine vinegar, salt & pepper.)

I turned several pounds of venison into jerky & my huband & teenage son ate it like it was candy. Cleaned me out in a few days.

I didn't like it as well as the ground deer jerky, tho.

Me and my dad made a couple of pounds of jerky most of it the first day. Then I brought some to school (When I still was in public school) and he brought some to work. So our jerky lasted 2 days. We bought a kit from bass pro.
my son bought a seasoning kit but last falls was better than the year before, its key to slice the meat just the right thickness. The year before it was like leather.
Don't forget:

Swedish meatballs
stuffed mushrooms
Better Homes & gardens Stroganoff out of cans
stuffed cabbage & cabbage rolls
deer-vegetable soup
Chinese dumplings
stuffed squash

You have to add some fat to the recipe if it's not going to be slow-cooked, but simmered in olive oil is sort of...healthy...right?
Hubby and son got 2 deer and 1 elk this year, so I don't even buy burger any more, and don't miss it. I use venison burger for everything I used to use hamburger with. I add a little ground pork for burgers or meatloaf, but use olive oil for the rest!
I used to hate the taste of ground deer meat. Until my freezer became full of it:p.

Now, I have a great recipe for burgers on the grill. Our processor puts a small amount of beef fat (from his own stock) in our ground venison and it make s HUGE difference in the way it grills.

2 pounds ground venison
1/2 half red onion (diced tiny
with my fab Vidalia Onion Chopper)
splash of Moore's Marinade

Mix it up-Pat them out- Grill em'!

The red onion and beef fat creates a taste that I crave!

My kids even do the deer burger dance when they see me thawing a tube of meat!! I mean, hey.....beef is crazy over priced. And who knows where it came from?
You can have a little bacon ground in as well, great flavor. Straight venison can be a little strong, we mix it half with ground beef before freezing. Usually a little onion powder and garlic powder helps tone down the strong taste. It also matters what the deer were eating. My dad has always said he wont hunt the mountain, only the fields. He also says doe taste different but I dont know about that. I use ground venison for anything I use ground beef for. In my lifetime I have eated 75% venison, at least, compared to beef. My dad gets his deer processed into summer sausage and cuts of meat but you can get sausage, hot dogs, etc.
My grandma taught me how to butcher deer. My DH goes hunting, so the first time he went after we met, I talked him into letting me show him "Grandma's way". He ate venison before, but wasn't crazy about it. Now he'll eat it every day if I would cook it for him! The butchering is tedious, but the meat is SO much better!

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