Grow an Infinite Amount of Tomato Plants from One Plant!!!

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  1. How to Clone and Propagate Tomato Plants! Simple. Using this method you could grow an infinite (literally) amount of Tomato plants, from one! "Cloning" is loved by many gardeners because if you find a particular breed of Tomatoes that you love, you take a cutting and propagate it, and it is a literal Clone because it contains the exact same Chromosomal DNA as it's parent (the one that you got the cutting from.). So, it will grow the exact same type of tomato the exact same way, it will have the exact disease resistance, and so on. You get the idea!
    1. Cut the lower branches from a Tomato plant, at LEAST 4 inches long.
    2. Prepare some soil in a pot, and press a few tomato clippings into the soil in the pot.
    3. Soak the soil well. Keep it very wet and moist! Tomatoes are weird; if a branch touches water or a surface like Soil, it will take root quicker than you can say Parcheesi! I always joke (But I am completely serious) That if a Tomato resisted Frost, it would be a literal weed, and people would be pulling it out of their yards and trying to keep it under control.
    4. Wait about a week and transplant each clipping into the garden (it should have some good roots by now. If not, wait another week or two.

    Share some pictures below of your tomato plants, and/or clones! No tomatos? Hotpeppers are cool too! No hotpeppers? Everyone likes Chickens! :ya DSC00593.JPG DSC00596.JPG

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  2. Something helpful. Use a rooting hormone with acid in it. Don't have any? (Rooting hormone is not required. Tomatoes do just fine rooting without it.)

    1. Put 5 DROPS of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water and dip the tomato branch in it.

    2. Coat the stem in Aloe Vera Cactus/Succulent gell. To do this, just cut a branch (or break one), slice it in half, scoop off gell, put it in a jar (keep it stored in the fridge), and dip the stem into the Aloe Vera.

    Post some tips, pics, or success in this thread!
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    It looks like your cuttings are only leaves, do tomatoes grow from leaf cuttings? I would have thought some stem was necessary.
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  4. I pushed the stems into the dirt.... Those won't be seen...... :hmm There was atleast 3 inches of stim on most. I always bury the stems as deep as possible to assure strong roots.
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    Feb 3, 2019
    Can you show what the cuttings look like out of the pot? It looks like your buried four leaves in each one.
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    If I plant a chicken feather in the ground, will a chicken grow... Chicken cloning :lau
  7. I'll have to wait and get a pic around 9:30 PM-ish. It's 3:07 now. I am at my grandparent's house. What I did was I clipped small lower branches from my small tomato plants. The branches/twigs/whatever-you-want-to-call-them was about 4 - 5 inches. I picked the leaves off near the bottom that I was burying, leaving only a little bit of leaves towards the top. The stems are completely buried. A couple of the perked down overnight, but the rest is still strong.
  8. I'll be honest... It's hard to tell if your mocking and making fun of what I am doing, or are making an honest joke... I am not trying to be rude, I just got a little offended...
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  9. So theirs between 3 - 4 inches under the moist dirt and 1 - 2 inches above.
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    It was a joke.

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