Grower or Layer for the Flock?


11 Years
May 19, 2009
Richfield, Summit Co.,Ohio
I have 15 chickens at various ages. Three are 22 weeks, seven are 17 weeks, and five are 12 weeks old. They are currently on unmedicated starter/grower crumbles. Three days ago one of my 22 week EE gave me my first egg, and another one today:D I have put oyster shell in a small container attached to the inside of the coop near the feeder. My question is whether I should keep on grower until this new bag of feed is gone or do I need to chuck it and just offer layer feed? The shells on both of these eggs seem strong. Thanks for your info!
I think I would stay with the starter/grower at least until all the birds are laying, and keep the oyster shells in the coop until then. At that point you could decide whether you wanted to switch over to layer feed or stay on what has/d worked up to that point.


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