Grower pellets for ducks?


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Jun 17, 2017
Ireland (yurt)
I have my first ever batch of ducklings (they’re call ducks) and at the moment theyr’e eating chick crumb but they’ll be moving onto grower pellets soon. In the past I had a young duck on grower pellets but developed slipped wing and when I researched it it said it was because of his diet.
What I’m wondering is are you supposed to feed ducks the same grower pellets you’d give to chickens? Or is there a particular brand that is better for them? All that’s available in the shops is for chickens but maybe I could order something different online?
Hi there. :frow

If you mean angel wing... that has been determined to be largely genetic and can happen when coupled with excess energy from ANY source, not just protein.

If you are in the US... my preferred feed is Purina flock raiser. Most standard chick feeds do not have enough niacin to prevent leg issues in ducks. They need at least 55mg/kg in the feed. Or some folks supplement with brewers or nutritional yeast if they use regular chicken feed.

A great resource for duck information is Metzer. My link is to the nutrition page but please take some time and enjoy the other info they work hard to provide with accuracy...

Most folks do not switch feeds every couple weeks. I never switch from the 20% protein Purina flock raiser. I simply provide oyster shell on the side once lay approaches. I also did not experience any angel wing. :)

Hope this helps. :fl

ETA: adding your general location to your profile can help peeps make the most relevant suggestions possible at a glance. ;)
Thanks so much so helpful! Yeah I’m Ireland based forgot to say! The websites brilliant though I’ll definitely read it! There’s not much access to anything that isn’t chicken feed where I live so I might add a supplement like you were saying. If you don’t mind me asking what exactly should I look for online? Is there any specific brand that sells niacin supplements?
And thanks for the info about angel wing I got an awful fright with a young duck years ago and thought that maybe I wasn’t feeding it so I was trying to avoid any mistakes this time!
If you don’t mind me asking what exactly should I look for online? Is there any specific brand that sells niacin supplements?
Not at all, we are to share with and learn from each other. :)

I have not had to supplement niacin since it was in my flock raiser feed at 55mg/kg (the company will tell you if you call).

Let's see if my reinforcements have any suggestions on niacin supplementation, I believe it's important not to use the flush free kind. And not sure if brewers or nutritional yeast are created equal with regards to effect and affordability.. @casportpony @Eggcessive. @sumi are you in Ireland, and any duck experience? TIA for your continued support!
I have no duck experience, but you can use human vitamin B complex 1/4 tablet daily, niacin, or B complex injectable liquid from feed stores.
I've only been keeping ducks since May, but I haven't given them any extra niacin... They are doing fine though!

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