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Jul 1, 2020
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I have been doing a bit of research, I really want my mare to grow a long mane. I know that genetics have a lot to do with it. She is a Quarter Horse so not much mane growth there, abut she is also possibly mixed with POA- Pony of America. I am wondering if it is possible, to have her grow a long mane. Her mane is pretty long already, almost to the base of her neck, but, I have always wanted a horse with a long mane that go's past the neck, and is thick a beautiful! I might be getting greedy, since her mane is already pretty long, but I am wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks I could use? Is it possible to get her mane to grow longer? I have heard that MTG grows hair like weeds, but I have also heard it doesn't? What are your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading! Avery
I am also planning on brushing way less, (I am a horrific brusher, yanking, and pulling), and brush a lot slower and delicately. I have also heard Showsheen and Cowboy Magic dry out the mane and make it harder to grow? Is that true? Thanks again!
I have no idea, but I hope you find something that works. Do you have any pictures of your horse?
Here is 1 that shows her mane pretty good-

She has a good length of mane already, but I have always wanted it to be longer! Lol!
Never ever comb or handle it roughly. Only use a stiff body brush on it. I use either baby oil gel or coconut oil to pick out burrs and rats. Cowboy Magic is good stuff but can get expensive doing multiple horses. Do as much as you can with just your fingers. Same goes for the tail.
Yes, I was definitely planning on do isn this too! Thanks for the oil suggestions! She also has a neck cover on her blanket right now, so I am hoping that will protect her mane from the elements. I am also gonna look into a tail bag. Thanks again!

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