growing chicks question


10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
Does anyone know if Buff Opringtons develop slower then other chicks? We have 3 buffs, 3 Amerucanas and 1 Production Red. They were a week old Wednesday. The others have some tail feathers and most of their wing feathers, but the buffs only have some fuzz on their tails. The buffs are about 20 grams lighter then the other four. I've been taking the buffs out and giving them some food on the side to see if that helps out. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Our Buffs were much slower at developing then the rest. They even didn't start laying until they were 27 weeks old where our others started at 22 weeks and earlier. You might want to watch that you don't have roo's. The hens will generally develope tail feathers much earlier than the roo's and the roo's will have that tell tale butt fluff even after their tail feathers start to grow in.

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