Growing fast!


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5 Years
Aug 12, 2014
Our little ones are doing very well - they'll be two weeks old tomorrow and are growing like weeds. They started out in this small enclosure:

Today, we had to enlarge it and move it to another area of the house. This involved putting the chicks in a dog carrier for an hour or so while we moved things around, and they did not care for it ONE BIT. They complained for the entire hour. So, when we put them in the newly enlarged enclosure, they explored a little bit and then - exhausted from the excitement - keeled over for a nap.

I'm a brand-new chicken mama, so the first time I saw them keel over like that I thought they were dying!

The new space has encouraged everyone to start staking out territory of their own. Tonight, I saw two of the girls squaring off and getting in each other's faces. This is new behavior - up until now, they've been doing a lot of grouping off and snuggling, so it'll be interesting to see how the pecking order shapes up. Starting next week, we'll take them out to their new coop for some daytime field trips, and I'm sure that will shake things up all over again. LOL!

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