Growing food for chickens, how to find a good ratio?

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    Oct 15, 2012
    We want to plant and grow our own food for chickens including lettuces, grains, BOSS, mealworms, and other things. I've been able to find charts on NUTRIENT ratios to feed chickens but I can't seem to find anything on, say, how much of the diet should be BOSS (seeds OR fodder), how much should be mealworms, how much should come from lettuces and such, and how much should come from grains other than 20 chickens can go through a bushel of grain a year.

    So for everyone here who plants, grows, and harvests their own chicken feed (especially through the winter) how do you calculate a roughly good blend of ingredients? We also have pasture with grass, clover, weeds like dandelion and purslane, and other things we want to bail for hay for some winter feed, and grind into pellets for chickens. How do you calculate a good blend, though? We want to do layers and meat birds, as well as ducks and turkeys, so how would we calculate an all purpose flock raiser (protein levels for meaties can be brought up higher thanks to mealworms and other sources)? I'm hesitant to jump into this because I'm paranoid that my birds will be somehow malnourished. How would I calculate a protein, calcium, etc ratio from a blend of these things, anybody know?

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