Growing Oats, Barley, Wheat

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    Oct 3, 2016

    I feed by girls (9 of them) a Whole Grain Layer Feed -Certified Organic. Soy-Free. Whole Grain. #50 Bag which costs $41 from New Country Organics and sometimes Scratch and Peck. I go through 75 lbs a month average so it is getting expensive. I have a about 1/3 of an acre which they free range on 8-10 hours a day (our back yard). I am looking for ways I can cut back food cost but keep them happy and full (they are always wanting food like it is a dessert.) I want to start growing my own oats, barley, and wheat. I can get organic, non GMO seeds on Amazon but am totally confused on whether I can just plant these and let them grow them open the garden up for them to eat off of after the plants grow a few weeks or if I am only supposed to put them in water to sprout then give it to them like I do their feed. This is all new to me even though I have had my girls since they were 3 days old, I have only been buying them the pre-made organic whole foods. Secondary to this, if I am letting them free range, do I still need to feed them each 1/4 cup of the chicken feed a day too?

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