growing out my hair!

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  1. Daddas1Punkin

    Daddas1Punkin Songster

    Feb 9, 2012
    Right now my hair (at the longest point) is 14''. I want it about 18''-20''. That is my goal

    Day 1!

    used coconut oil, left it in for 4 hours, and washed it out with
    smells AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Going to try ''inverted'' methods, with warm olive oil and tipping your head upside down for 4 mins.
    Little bit skeptical as to if it will work as well as they say, but HEY! Who cares, it can't hurt!

  2. Peaches Lee

    Peaches Lee Songster

    Sep 19, 2010
    My hair is just past my shoulder blades. I don't think I could handle it any longer. Sometimes I feel like just chopping it all off in a fit of rage because it gets in the way LOL! But, my hair is very much part of my identity and I don't think I could rock a short hair cut, I struggle with being feminine already...[​IMG]
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  3. Daddas1Punkin

    Daddas1Punkin Songster

    Feb 9, 2012
    LOL!!!!!! I feel the same way sometimes!!!! (everything you just said)

    I had longer hair before I chopped off 8''

    WHY!?!?!?! WHY DID I DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! [​IMG] (that was about 7 months ago)
  4. Baymule

    Baymule Songster

    Jul 1, 2010
    Northeast Texas
    My favorite hair style was a wildly cut shag that layered to my shoulders. If I just washed it and rubbed it with a towel and let it dry, it looked like a wild crazy mess. If I carefully brushed and styled it, it looked like a wild crazy mess. I loved it. I also colored my hair a light auburn to cover the gray. (I turned white headed at 36) It was low/no care and I didn't have to waste my time to "fix" my hair. Actually taking a shower and rolling down the windows on the way to work was my favorite way to "blow dry" my hair. haha

    Fast forward several years.......ok, fast forward a LOT of years. [​IMG] I decided to let my hair grow out. It was a horrible process as the colored hair grew away from my scalp and I looked like a two-toned hagatha. I was wavering over my last bottle of hair dye, so I threw it in the trash. I was ready to shave my head. It didn't help when I saw a woman at WallyWorld growing her hair color out too and she looked sooooo UGLY! Anyway, I finally had it cut. Cut REAL short.

    My hair is nuclear, glow in the dark WHITE. I live in a resort/retirement area and so I looked like 50,000 old ladies with football helmet hair-dos. (shivers) I decided to grow it long so I would have LONG glow in the dark WHITE hair. It is to my shoulders now. I don't know how long I will grow it, but I sure am not going to chop it again. We'll see.......
  5. my hair is 19 inches[​IMG](this story about bob might take a while)
    this is bob[​IMG]bob thought he was so swag[​IMG]he started making swag poses[​IMG][​IMG]then he found sunglasses[​IMG]and all his friends were jealous and impressed[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]then bob made the popular team and he was so proud[​IMG]but then he lost his glasses[​IMG]he got kicked out of the popular group[​IMG]he lost his girlfriend[​IMG][​IMG]and got sooooooooooo depressed he threw up[​IMG]then he got mad[​IMG] [​IMG]and the popular people got scared[​IMG][​IMG]then bob died.[​IMG]bob learned his lesson not to brag[​IMG]THE END[​IMG]PS POPULAR PEOPLE DIED TO[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]they were also braggers................................again THE END[​IMG]NEW STORY (its short)this is bob[​IMG]bob says hi[​IMG]this is bob when a car goes bye[​IMG]

  6. Chickerdoodle13

    Chickerdoodle13 The truth is out there...

    Mar 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    My hair was pretty long but after my dissection class ended and I didn't have to put my hair in a pony tail every day, I went and had it cut pretty short. It's just a bit shorter than chin length. I think probably the shortest I have ever had it! I like it though. I do have to blow dry it though so it doesn't get all crazy.

    Hopefully it will be long enough to put up again by January, because I have another dissection class beginning.
  7. Daddas1Punkin

    Daddas1Punkin Songster

    Feb 9, 2012
  8. My hair just passed my shoulder blades too! I am growing it out, but my hair is probably the slowest at growing ever!!![​IMG]
  9. catwalk

    catwalk Songster

    May 19, 2009
    Take Biotin supplements and massage your scalp when you shampoo. A good diet goes a long way as well.

  10. LadyTashKnits2

    LadyTashKnits2 In the Brooder

    Nov 29, 2013
    I think my hair is long enough right now OMG I mean its only past my shoulders but I don't like it much I am so used to just cutting it. This year has changed me a lot not sure if I will let my hair grow to much longer. I think its great for people to have long hair believe that if your hair is long you can get all sorts of things done to it. So continue you to let your hair grow

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