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Billy Bob Neck

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Apr 6, 2008
Billy Bob Neck here... Hope all ya'lls been do'n good out there. I started grown my corn and I's wondering if I could grind my corn up after it gets hard and feed my chickens.

Thanks, BBN
You don't even have to grind it. I go out after we're done cutting corn and gather the ears of corn the combine missed and throw those out to them during the winter months. They peck it off the ears themselves.
I have a 1/4 an acre of corn and I wanna dry it out and save just fer them in the winter months. I dont really wanna feed them raw corn.
What I gather is dry corn.....I guess it could be considered raw since it's not cooked, but it's what a person would buy in the feed store.....just still on the cob and doesn't cost me anything.
Leave it on the stalk and let it dry in the feild. Gather the ears and keep them dry. They will eat it on the cob. Less work for you. They will also adore fresh corn juicey with corn milk in the summer.

P.S. where are you that you have a 1/4 acre of fresh corn this time of the year?
yes you can feed dry corn to chickens without grinding it.just pick your store it in a corn cribb or bin .leaving it on the cobb.then get whatever amount of cobbs you feed your hens.they eat the corn off the cobbs.
It at least needs to be cracked for chickens (and pigs) to get the most out of it. However, for chickens, ground into a meal is even better.

With that said, corn is too low in protein to be a complete ration for a chicken. It's great for carbohydrates (energy) and putting on fat (which is yellow like the corn).

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