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    First post so be kind. :)

    I raised about 1500 meat birds(cornish X) this year(last flock now). I have read and watched all I could about this critters trying to understand them. Most of my info has come from here or reading and watching Salatin. I use his pen style and techniques. We live in a similar area of the country as he. My problem is I cant get my birds to grow. It takes me 9-10 weeks to get them to 5-6 lbs. I am feeding them a 20% protein non antibiotic or steroid feed from southern states after they get a 22% starter for a couple weeks. I follow a feed chart that gives them about 15 lb per bird for 8 weeks. We leave them in a brooder then move them to the pasture at about 4 weeks. They get fresh water and grass regularly. I was told recently that I should be giving grit, which I wasn't until now. This could be the problem?? Any other thoughts on why my gain is so bad would be appreciated.
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    Hi :welcome
    Glad you joined the flock. I don't have experience of meat birds but you have been given good advice on the grit front. Adding grit or oyster shell helps them to digest their food better in the crop so therefore getting the most out of their feed.

    Drop by the above section link to introduce yourself to everyone :frow
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    Welcome to BYC.

    Are you feeding them free choice? I fed mine having the feeder full at all times. Once they were off heat, they had roughly 12 hours off feed during the night. I also feed 20% protein, and mine grew fine.
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