growth on chick's neck

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  1. cluck 62

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    Jun 14, 2011
    Hello everyone. i am new to this. and new to chickens. i bought 2 houdan chicks a couple of months ago. i noticed one had a pimple-like growth on her neck just under the ear. she burst it while sticking her head out of the cage. it bled like crazy. then it would dry up and seem like it would heal. and she'd scratch or something, and there it went, bleeding again. the last time it happened, i tried to clean her up and cut some of the little feathers away so i could was about the size of a pea. with an open sore on it. she bled alot and finally laid down and didn't get back up..she was 5 weeks old at the time. has anyone seen this kind of thing? the other one is fine, just lonely. could this have been a random cyst that just festered up and being so little she bled out????[​IMG] she didn't poke herself, there are no sharpies anywhere that i could tell. i think a cut could have healed with time, but this didn't.

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