Growth or abscess inside pullet's beak (turned out to be a pellet)


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Apr 16, 2011
El Monte
My 5 month old pullet Rusty just never gets any luck. She has got a sour crop that I treated, then a couple of infections along with yeast infection problems on her tongue. After spending about 400 dollars on a couple of vet visits and medications, she had gotten better, until now. My niece saw this weird growth inside her mouth, between her tongue and the corner of the beak. I don't think it's painful, or at least not painful enough that Rusty won't eat. She'd active and alert, and eats very well, but I don't have any money left for another vet visit (just finished paying my tuition and still owe part of the previous vet debt in my card). If i had the funds I wouldn't think twice to take her, but as it is now, I have to treat her at home.

I still have left over of the 3 antibiotics from her previous infection. Baytril is one of them, and I was thinking of giving her the meds for 7 days 2 a days. Also I wonder if I should try to pop the abscess somehow with a toothpick and see if the stuff inside will eventually come out as she uses her beak. I have no other ideas of how to treat her, but at least I'm glad that whatever she has seems to be more of a lesion than an illness.

Any suggestions on how to treat this thing until I get money to take her to the vet again?
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It sounds like canker. You can type "canker" in the BYC search box and read up on it. There are some threads that have pics of it, if that's what you are dealing with. Treatment for canker is metronidazole. Dosage is one 250mg tablet a day for 5 days. It can be purchased online as "fishzole."
... ok, I feel very stupid now. I had used a q-tip to keep Rusty's mouth open and touch the thing in her mouth. It didn't move... but when I went to grab her again and take a better look at it and take a picture, it was gone. I'm guessing it was a pellet that was stuck in there. Rusy's tongue was pretty damaged by the infections she had, and while it looks healthy, I'm guessing it doesn't have much mobility or something.

I'm glad it's not canker. I'd rather have a stuck piece of food in her mouth rather than canker any day of the week. At least now you know how to treat canker if it ever occurs.

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