Growths on Australorps eyes


7 Years
Aug 2, 2012
Grand Lake, CO
My first Australop developed a growth on her eye that started with the eye just closing and as time progressed got bigger. Took her to vet x2 and received antibiotic shots - didn't help. Then she developed the second growth on the other eye and it was closing and her eyesight was almost completely gone. By then, she had quit eating, etc. Had to put her down. Now her friend has developed the same problem except she is about 6 weeks older and bigger. She is still active and eating; however, occasionally another chicken will peck at her eye, especially since it has been scratched and bleeds a little. I put her in a dog crate at night. I'm wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same problem. What is going on? Thx.

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