growths? warty looking scales? covering chickens eyes

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    Nov 5, 2009
    We have had chickens for 5 yrs now with no troubles... 6-8 weeks ago a banty hen hatched out some chicks... 2 weeks ago her eyes were completely covered by *growths*? warty looking scales? until she was blind. She died 2 days later.

    This was a new one on us, but no trouble with any other hens...

    In the last few days the same thing happened to one of her female chicks.... the pretty one of course.

    Originally my dh thought the mama was maybe pecked on... but the chick really did not look like it.

    Most of our birds are free ranging and are not in the coop at all right now, but we had the hen & chicks in our coop to keep the cats from feasting... we had other hens in there too... no troubles.... a guinea and her keets were also in there with no trouble... in the same building, but separated by chicken wire are 4 juvenile peafowl... no issues there either...

    Our coop is fairly large 16x16, tall 6-8ft, 1 solid wall & 3 half walls covered in chicken wire for good ventilation... the floor is dirt covered by hay and some dried grass clippings...

    We have had the same coop (clean it out 2-3 times a year) for 5yrs now...

    Birds on the property - banties & full size chickens (50+), guineas (20+), turkeys (4) (in a different yard), ducks free ranging (15+) (no pond), juvenile peafowl (4)(same building), and broilers (50+) in a separate building...

    I'm in NE TX....

    I had asked elsewhere and was referred here....

    Someone there suggested Fowl Pox. A couple older hens do have some black spots on their combs... but nothing new... no wheezing in any we checked. We do have mosquitoes, but not bad, though we had a cold snap recently followed by tons of rain, followed now by warm temps... last 2 weeks the yellow jackets are driving us nuts...

    trying to give all the info that might be pertinent.

    The chick died today... no one else seems affected, but I am obviously concerned.

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    Jan 11, 2007
    probably pox... separate any and all birds with lesions and give them their own water and feeding bowls (this is how it spreads > also through the dander) .
    Wash and clean the pen with the birds not showing lesions (including all bedding material straw etc. and be sure to wash out their water and feeding bowls with bleach .
    Treat the lesions with iodine.

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