GRR Darn Silkie!

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    I have 14 hens and 2 roosters, 6 of my hens are 2 years old and are laying great! The rest of my flock including the Rooster are almost a year old! One of my Silkies is so obsessed with hatching out some chicks shes driving me nuts!

    I got home today from a week long vacation with my family to find my neighbor bless her heart (greatest lady ever to watch your flock for you in her 60's loves coming over just to see the chickens and ducks HAHA) had been trying everything to get her to stop sitting on every egg she could find! She said she locked her out of the coop stuck her and another hen in our inside coop for 2 days while we were gone to make sure she would eat and drink, and said right when she let her out she went running back to the nests finding any egg to sit on! She has been doing this to me for a few weeks to the point where I had to leave her in the inside coop by herself to get her to eat and drink which of course she hated and my Silkie Roo would just sit inside the barn staring at the coop door as she "yelled" and complained about it trying to figure out how to get her out!

    What can I do to stop this behavior! I pick her off the eggs every morning and take all the eggs away from her, but honestly sometimes she still just will sit all day on NOTHING! Its the dead of winter here so I will not be hatching out any chicks! Luckily all my girls and Roo's are sweet as pie and she just lets me grab the eggs and kick her out every morning [​IMG]

    Poor girl, but chicks right now are out of the question.
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    Silkies are horrible to break! If you just keep taking the eggs-she will eventually come out of it:( Most folks do the wire bottom cage method..Put them in a cage with all the trimmings-food-water etc..but no nest -no bedding..The cold air that gets to her underside will deter her from wanting to brood-eventually. Some say about a week. I tried it once and it did work but then 2 weeks later there she was again-broody in dead of winter..I gave her two eggs and she hatched them! 2 roos! [​IMG]

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