GRRR so mad someone added their chickens to my flock


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
SO sometime between 7:30 when I left for work and now someone added 6 chickens to my flock. I came home from work and went to check on everyone as usual. The ducks were out which was odd as I never let them out. the hens that are usually in that coop were out freeranging which is no big deal as they are allowed to. I thought maybe i just forgot to close the door to the run. So I go to check for eggs and there are hens in the coop. Im like I swear i counted 6 in the yard when i drove up. So I go into the run and look into the coop and there are 6 more hens in the coop. Thier wing have been totally clipped short they can't fly. Three of them have nasty scaley legs and mites to boot. GRRRR now I have to treat my whole coop and flock as they have been expsosed. I have no clue how long they have been in there. Someone has to have been watching and knows my schedule...... So know what? There were extra eggs so they lay. Im just irritated that now I have to treat everything including them.........
So... whatcha going to do? Keep them? No note, no nothing? Bag of feed? What kind are they?
They didn't ask because they knew their birds were ailing and didn't want to be turned away. I hope mites are the worst thing they have. A pain in the neck for sure, but easy to treat.

So... congratulations?... on your new additions. Good luck with them.
For a span of 5 or 6 years someone would dump off a bunch of scaley legged bantam roosters every autumn.
Never found out who was doing it, but it finally stopped.
Went back out and just found a half a bag of scratchl. Nope no note nothing. Upon closer inspection one also has a huge gash in her back. There are what look to be 3 gold sex links and 3 RIRs. The RIR are the ones that have the scaley legs and the mites and also the one that has the gash in her back. I do not have a quarantine coop set up as I was not planning on adding any more to the flock until I got my new coop built. I usually just use a dog kennel if someone needs isolated. But I cant put all 6 in a dog kennel and everything has already been exposed. Headed over to the ER section now for help on treatment for the mites. Now it is gonna cost me a small fortune because of someone elses ............ inconsideration.
I am so sorry you have to deal with this, I have noticed over the past 6 months more animals of all kinds being dumped in my area. I wish people would just offer them up free instead of dumping!! Just a month ago someone dumped a senior tomcat that was in the highth of acute felune Luekemia, I took him to the vet had him tested to make sure and had him put down so he would suffer no more. There is a Rottie running around behind the place in the woods I have tried to catch, I am so worried about this dogs demeanor that I keep a firearm on me whenever I am outside or going to and from the truck, I decided it may make the dog safer to keep it fed. I hate that people are so very cruel and no regard for a life at the least take the animal in and have it put down!!!!!!!!!
...on those irresponsible oafs!!!! Can you make a police report about it? According to our APHIS documents, what they did to you is extremely dangerous!

Try GoogleEarthing your neighborhood in realtime. Maybe you can spot a place within eyeline site of your place which looks like it may have had these birds, look for a coop-ish place and ask the police to check it out! That is so cruel! Poor birds! They suffered neglect and now those people have intentionally put your home and your birds at risk! It must be a crime to dump infested animals into your property.

I hope it turns out well. I will say a prayer for you and your birds!
That would be a surprise! I would also worm them just in case. I hope you work it out.

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