Grrrrrrrrr!! I think my VERY expensive Brinsea thermometer is broken!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Kelly G, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Kelly G

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    I sat my VERY first set of eggs in my very first incubator. I set them in on Thursday night....and I've had a heck of a time stabilizing my temperatures.

    It's frustrating because one of the best things about Brinsea products is the ability to "set it and forget it". I understand that that's not literally the truth, but I found that I have had to adjust my temps 4,5 and 6 times EACH day!

    One minute the thermometer will read 98.2F and then 98.6F then 99.2F....all without me touching the thermostat. So then I'd turn it up, and the thermometer wouldn't respond....same low readings. Occasionally, I'd get a 99.5F or a 100.2F reading - again NOT after adjusting it, just at random times.

    The Brinsea thermometer looks like this:

    I have the thermometer inside a water wiggler and staged in the incubator like this:

    Today, I started to suspect my Brinsea Spot Check thermometer was the problem....NOT the incubator. I took out my kids' digital thermometer (don't worry - it's the ORAL one!), and put IT in the water wiggler. It read 99.5F at four seperate times!

    I think it's my thermometer that's not working - not my incubator!!! What do you guys think?

    What thermometer are you using? I need a digital thermometer, as I have very poor vision.
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  2. Baralak

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    Hello Kelly,

    As with all electronics there is a chance that there is a problem with it. I can tell you one thing though however, that Brinsea has wonderful CS. I would give them a call and explain to them what is happening!! They have always for me been great to work with.

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