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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    *whew* thanks.. I feel somewhat better.... [​IMG]

    one of THOSE days

    kids..cant pawn 'em off - cant give 'em away...

    anyone want a slightly used, lazy as sin, knows everything there is to know 18 year old?

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    Apr 30, 2008
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    at 18 you legally can kick him to the curb, now I'm not suggesting this but maybe he/she needs a reminder
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    Quote:I was interested until you said lazy as sin. LOL [​IMG]
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    B. Saffles Farms :

    Quote:I was interested until you said lazy as sin. LOL [​IMG]

    LMAO!! [​IMG]

    Yeah.. somehow thats the deal breaker...


    And..nope..cant kick em to the curb at 18 when they're still in high school... we tried ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I'm kidding - but oh....sometimes...*sighs*)​
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    Feb 6, 2009
    My son is 17. Some days we remind him how many months it is until his 18th birthday. His father likes to joke: "When I turned 18, they gave me a suitcase!"
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    I learned how smart and right my parents were when I moved away to college. We got along before then, but we had our share of battles, too, when I was in high school.

    I am closer to my mom than ever, now, though, and ask her advice about lots of things. I don't know what I'd do without her.

    Hang in there... I'd be more worried if an 18-year-old wasn't "testing her wings" before leaving the nest, personally. Too bad it's so rough on Mom and Dad (all moms and dads everywhere, probably!! Hee hee).

    I wonder if robins and cardinals stress as much as humans do? [​IMG] Can you imagine a little cardinal chick "chirping back" to its dad? Ha ha!
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    Quote:My family is the opposite. I have to remind her (my mom) how many months untill I'm 18. You'd tihnk I was still 7 the way I get treated sometimes....And I've noticed that today is "one of those days" for a lot of BYCers...
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    wow, 18 is a day late and a dollar short to be on the parent teat. Wean that kid off and send him or her on his or her way. The real world requires fortitude, effort, and skills- you cant get any of those things staying at home irritating your parents.

    Doesnt sound like any favors are being done on anyones end.

    Teenagers are only obnoxious teenagers until they act like adults and actually try. Its one thing to try and fail, and its another to not try and be a failure.

    I know I thought my parents were giant tools until I moved out on my own and realized first just how good I had things, and second just how much my parents really DID know. And they were glad to let me back home when it got to be too much and I needed to recollect before going back out for good.

    Dont know what the situation is, but I'd start charging rent, utilities, and food. I was paying my way by 16, and I was certainly expected to pull my own weight around the house and in the family long before then.
  9. B. Saffles Farms

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    Nov 23, 2008
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    Most parents dont have a clue what they are talking about and dont know anything, [​IMG] until you move out, then they get alot smarter and wiser for some reason. I know mine did. I got along pretty good with my parents when I lived at home, mainly because my mom and dad didnt put up with me back talking and not doing what I was told. It used to make me so mad then but I am very thankful for it now. I belive it has made me a much better person. My oldest is 10 and I know one day not to far away I will have to go thru it with him. Hang in there it will be ok.
    ETA: I moved out 2 months after I graduated High School. Have been on my own every since.
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    Quote:You and me BOTH!

    We are tired of the arguing and fighting with her - she has had it on easy street, hasnt had to work a real job because school WAS her job, she has daily chores and doesnt "want" or "like" to do them - since she turned 18, its even worse. Her philosophy is "If I dont want to do it.. I wont.. I dont have to answer to anyone...." LMAO over here! Oh kiddo... how much you have to learn in life. *shaking head here* So now we are making her get a job, she's almost out of school and she must pay for college expenses - she's balking at that and whining like a 2 year old. Driving us insane. Her comment was "WHY do I have to get a job? You should pay for my college - so and so's parents are!" (insert pouty whiny face here) Well we arent so and so's parents and we arent rich - sorry, deal with it.

    Again - that sense of entitlement with kids these days is annoying to no end. She wasnt raised that way - she just THINKS she was born with a crown and silver spoon is all. Many a battles over the years and now that she's 18 - its all come full circle and its no longer a battle, but an all out war. The daily reminder of "I'm 18 I can do what I cant tell me what to do" is followed up by us with "You may be 18're still in highschool and the law states for THIS STATE, you either must drop out or get married if you want "to do what you want" - until you graduate.. you're a dependant in this house. Least you also forget, keep throwing up the "I'm 18" and you will soon discover that upon graduation - we can legally throw you out as well so dont push it kiddo..."

    *sighs*... [​IMG] she'll learn... the hard way; and we'll just have to watch and let her fall on her own - trainwreck in the making. has to be done unfortunately.

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