grumpy girls!

Out of all my hens, my smallest one is a lttle Red Star named Pie. This is short for Pumkin Pie, due to her colouring. Even thought she is the smallest, she is the one who stomps around grouching the most before she decides to lay. She also jumps up on the roost in the morning while I clean and tidy grouching the whole time. I have decided she is supervising and takes her job position in coop management very seriously! She is not the #1 hen, must be in middle management. I have told her before if she keeps grouching at everybody she could end up as Pot Pie. (She knows I am not serious.)
I have one RIR, Ms. Psycho, that if she is sitting on the nest when I lift the roof to collect eggs, she will jump off the nest run out of the nest room and start screeching and screaming with her feathers all fluffed and frizzled out. She willl keep it up for 5-10 minutes making all kinds of noise till she goes back into the nest to lay her egg. Even back sitting on the nest I can hear her grumbling to herself and talking stink about me.
One time she was running back and forth in the coop making all kinds of noise and got so mad and frantic, out popped an egg right on the cage floor....that made her even more mad and freaked out for the rest of the day.
All my others are okay with me getting eggs out of the nest when they are sitting. I may get a little peck or something but not a complete freak out. Problem is I have 4 RIR that all look identical and I can't tell apart, so it hard to tell if Ms. psycho is sitting on the nest or one of her normal sisters. I can only tell her apart by her bad attitude.


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