Guardian Angel

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    Went back to edit the old Guardian Angel thread and i can't, so I made a new one.
    Guardian Angel

    Ch.1 pt 1

    The alarm rang and I got up. I was sweating.
    It had been hot and humid last night, and my pajamas were stuck to my skin. My hair was frizzy, and my blankets were soaked with sweat.
    I got up to wake up my vicery, Athena for school. If you've realized she is named after a greek godess, it is common in the vicery community to do that. In fact, her father's name is Apollo and mother's is Aphrodite.
    Vicerys are the half human, half angel people angels like me have sworn to watch over. They have the powers of nature, and they are a great addition to the angel community. My vicery just happened to be my best friend.
    This was Athena's last day of school and like all the other days, I woke her up.
    I went into the kitchen, and she followed, getting out the cheerios, and milk while I got the bowls and spoons.
    When we were done eating, we went to our rooms to dress.
    I wore jeans, and a t-shirt as usual.
    She wore khakis, and a white t-shirt with a khaki vest.
    She had her hair up in a ponytail, and a light brown scrunchy held it in place.
    She picked up her bookbag before we went out back to leave.
    "Are you ready, Jenna?" I asked my brunette friend, as I have been since I dropped her last week and almost broke her leg when she wasn't.
    She wasn't very happy about that incedent.
    "Yup." She said.

    Jenna was the name she used to appear normal in the human society.. or at least not stick out.
    As soon as I heard the word, I spread my wings, feeling the wind beneath them, picking up a draft, and her as well, being careful to avoid any human eyes.
    We flew over the human feilds quickly, and were near the school in no time.
    I came down through the trees, and landed ten feet from the clearing behind the high school where the students eat lunch.
    I watched Athena until she was inside, and then flew back up into the trees to wait for lunch period. It was eventless as usual.
    When the students came out to eat, I watched for Athena, and when she came out, I watched for any sign of trouble.
    All of a sudden, shooting pain covered my whole body.
    My mouth became very hard, and my legs and arms felt .... different
    The next thing I knew, I was falling off the branch i'd been sitting on. I tried to flap my wings, but they werent on my back anymore.
    As soon as I hit the ground, I was out cold and when I came to, I was surrounded by human faces, and the face of, of course Athena.
    "Liz is that you?"Athena whispered, suspecting it was me.
    I got up. How does she not know its me? it was then I realized I was already standing, and wasn't even as tall as her, and she was sitting.
    I walked up to Athena, and cocked my head to look up at her. She whispered the word, "falcon," to me, and I couldn't believe it.
    She was telling me that I had turned into my spirit bird.
    Spirit birds are the birds of the angels. There is a different breed of spirit bird for each angel family. My family's spirit bird happens to be a falcon.
    She held out her arm, and I stepped onto it. Acting like a trained falcon as to not let the humans believe anything different.
    The humans acted as though they were entranced.
    One asked , "Why didn't you tell us you had a falcon?"
    To which Athena responded, "I didn't. I just got her, James."
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