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    Welcome to the Guardians of Gahoole...
    There are three flocks; the Pure Ones led by Kludd; The Gahoole tree Led by Boron and Barren; Then there is the Saint Angelo's School for orphaned owls led by Sketch and Spool; These three flocks must survive on their own but in the end there is a winner who will it be? The forces of evil? or the doer's of good? The Pure Ones are more evil then ever! And Saint Angelo's is capturing double the number of Owlets... And the Guardians and officers of the Gahoole tree have gotten even more private to its members.
    Will you join me?

    1.- All BYC rules apply
    2- their many be other made-up Owls and young Owlets
    3.- No Spamming
    4.- No copying this RP
    5.- No cussing
    6.- Keep RP PG
    7.- Breeding,egg hatching no further detail
    8.- Have fun

    The Pure ones-Led by Kludd Soren's brother. Leads an army of Cruel. And Believes in stone stunning, and being selfish and rude to the great Gahoole tree....
    Saint Angelo's for Orphaned Owls- Also cruel to young owls by the way of Moon blinking them.. The leader Sketch and Spool are the only ones to proceed to the library where the flecks are. Jutt and Jatt are the Anggies patrols capturing baby owls and bringing them back to the crusted canyon.
    The Great Gahool'e tree- Filled with noble owls in chaw's they carry out their business in the pitch of the night to rescue and save baby owls and other adult owls.. Also home to nest maid snakes; Mrs.P and Octavia who are blind snakes servants to the owls nests...

    (This RP is not like the book but It has the same story and character's)
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