Guess on the duck breed of these two little ones? w/pictures

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mustangrooster, Nov 6, 2016.

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    I don't have much experience when it comes to identifying my own duck breeds[​IMG] I need a little input on what duck breeds I have here.

    Unlike how I am unsure about the breed, Im 99% I have a male and female, Drac is a whole lot bigger than the smaller one 'Bowtie' which im sure that means Drac is a Drake and Bowtie is a hen. Im wanting to know their breeds, because I need a rough idea on how much bigger they will get. If I have large duck breeds, then I can be sure that they should get bigger and are not close to maturity, because they have some growing to do- if I have small breed ducks, then I can be sure that they will be fully grown and just have to get their adult voices (Or maybe they are quiet duck breeds) and should be getting close to... ducky behaviour .... You get what I mean?

    I got them as 1 week olds, and I used to have three, but one died unexpectedly. These two are now inseparable, Bowtie follows Drac everywhere, and Drac has *tired* mounting her in the water a few times but never succeeded as hes so young!. Please inform me if im wrong about the genders. They are still young- so I have yet to see Dracs little curl on the end of his tail.

    Here are the pics.

    ^Bowtie-She has a fully black head

    ^Drac-Hes a big fella


    ^Little miss Bowtie- Psstt, its the hard-core dry season...grass is hard to find in this season---especially in the duck pen where they have run down their grass..


    ^Drac once again looking handsome

    ^The two little sweethearts-showing Dracs gorgeous green feathers and Bowtie (Try and find the little bowtie figure on her chest!)

    ^This is Blossom when she was getting her adult feathers, she's the one who died (and is missed greatly). She was the sister to Drac and Bowtie (They were all from the same hatch)

    IF you need more pics, I will provide them. I've got plenty [​IMG]
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    Those are muscovies :)
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    Quote:Whoah, I wrote such a long thread, with a good amount of pictures, and now I feel stupid--I should of known they were muscovies. I could of just posted one pic eh? :p The thing is, the parents didn't look like muscovies..

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