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    Mar 17, 2016
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    can anyone tell me what breeds i have? i can guess some but not all :)

    this is rudolph
    these are Mary, Edith, Cora, Isobel,and Rose
    these are Izze, Alex, Baily, Maxine and Kylie
    this is Hans and Edelweiss, my lavender orpingtons :)
    these are Pumpkin, Spice, Coconut Cream or C.C, Sugar and Cinnamon
    these are White and black, and Black and white :)
    this is Feeder, Oakley or Stripey, it depends who you ask :)
    this is Camilla
    this is Easter
    and this is Skitter, i have absolutely no idea what she is :) do you?

    hope y'all have some answers!

  2. Jetblack2004

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    I'm not great out breeds but:

    Rudolph looks like a RIR

    M, E, C, I and R look like leghorns

    I'm not sure about I, A, B, M, and K

    I'm not sure about P, S, CC, S or C either

    black and white and white and black are cuckoo or copper black maran chicks.

    I'm not sure about the others.

    Sorry I'm not much of a help :/

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