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    [​IMG] How about an entire TRUNK full of antique fabric for quilting?!!

    OMG!! [​IMG] There must be about 20 lbs of fabric if not more - it fills up a 13 gallon trash bag and the best thing is ITS ALL BRAND NEW LOOKING! There is some Waverly fabric from the 20's - 30's era and most of the fabric is from that timeframe thru the 50's, some may be even earlier. There are even upholstery type pieces in there! Given the house was built in 1861 - some of the fabrics are just amazing.

    So far, my favs are a Raggedy Ann fabric and this other woven fabric that has what looks like a cross between a bird and a monkey on it.

    I'll post pics when I can [​IMG] I'll probably sell most of it, but WOW - what a find! DH and I were cleaning the attic out and waaayyyyy in the back where we hadnt been yet - there was the trunk!

    Anyone know what antique and vintage fabric sells for? [​IMG]

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    Oh my gosh, what a find!!!
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    Wow,, did you faint or do the happy dance lol!!
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    What a great find!

    I have seen some vintage fabric go for some high prices on EBAY....
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    Wow that is a great find.
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    Can you take some pics of this fabric? I use fabric from this era, so I might be interested in some.

    Quilting societies in your area would be able to help you price it.
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    Quote:A little of both - I felt a little light headed LOL!

    Someone quilted with them - some are cut into strips, some are full panels, others are pieces but none are smaller than a 9X9 block or a 6 inch wide strip that measures about 18-22 inches long - and most are much bigger.

    There are even some hawiian looking fabrics - those are gorgeous with all the flowers and what not! Paisleys, flowers, ginghams, silks, satins, chintz, cotton, velvets,... the list goes on and on!

    This fabric (like the ginham) is like twice the thickness of today's standards - no wonder the quilts lasted so long! [​IMG]
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    SCORE!!!! I too, would love to see pictures of them! I love the Civil War Reproductions and the reproductions of the flour and grain sack patterns
    How exciting!!! Does it smell funky?
  9. [​IMG] All I can say is LUCKY you!! What a find! I can't wait to see pictures!
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